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What Our Firm Can Do for Multiple Injured Parties

Any time you suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you need someone on your side to protect your rights. Unfortunately, there are also catastrophic events that can lead to multiple parties suffering serious injuries.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of their rights when they suffer injuries in serious events. However, for multiple people harmed, having legal representation can be very helpful in pursuing the necessary compensation to recover. Learn how our firm can help.

Gathering All Evidence Needed

Our team has the resources necessary to help multiple people who suffer harm in the same incident. This means the ability to gather all evidence necessary to build a strong case strategy and represent the rights of multiple individuals.

We take the information gathered by each person involved, all photos taken, and the statements of all parties involved and combine them to provide each person with the representation they need. By having one lawyer represent multiple injured individuals, you can get even more evidence to move forward.

Presenting the Needs of All Plaintiffs

Our firm not only knows how to gather the information needed to present a case, we work hard to present the needs of each client to the insurance company and the courts depending on the situation involved.

We take the needs of each party and determine how much compensation they need and deserve. We’ll present this number and if it’s denied by the insurance company, we’ll utilize each resource we have to provide all parties with the individualized counsel they need.

Our Springfield personal injury lawyers go above and beyond when you need us to because we know how difficult legal matters are following negligence. It is our top priority to put the rights of our clients first following a catastrophic event.

Whether it was just you injured, or you were part of a group of people who all suffered serious harm, we’re ready to put our best foot forward and help you pursue justice. We’re ready to be your advocates every step of the way.

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