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Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are an efficient, cost-effective mode of transportation, but these vehicles can lead to serious accidents and injuries. To prevent motorcycle accidents, drivers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles alike should exercise safe driving habits and share the road. Things like increasing visibility, leaving adequate space between vehicles, and avoiding sudden maneuvers can increase safety and prevent collisions.

How to Increase Visibility

Because of their size relative to most passenger vehicles, motorcycles are difficult to see. According to the studies, drivers often admit they don’t see motorcycles before accidents. Here are some simple ways for motorcyclists to increase the visibility of their vehicles:

  • Wear brightly colored clothing
  • Use the headlight at all times
  • Never neglect turn signals

Sharing Lanes with Other Vehicles

In Missouri, lane share is typically prohibited. Motor vehicles need an entire lane to operate safely, so driving in between rows of parked or moving cars increase the chance of a collision. Additionally, motorists do not expect to see other vehicles in their lane, which makes them less likely to see a motorcycle.

Avoid lane sharing, especially in these situations:

  • In heavy or gridlock traffic
  • Turing at an intersection
  • Moving into a highway exit
  • Passing other vehicles

Avoiding Dangerous Surfaces & Road Defects

Sometimes, traffic accidents are the result of a faulty road or severe weather, not a negligent driver. In these situations, it is important to apply caution while riding a motorcycle. Uneven pavement, slippery pavement, railroad tracks, and grooves in the road escalate the likely hood of a crash, so avoid these surfaces when possible. If you must drive over an uneven or slippery surface, slow down and make sure the motorcycle is straight. If riding over a bumpy surface, lift slightly out of the seat to absorb the impact of the uneven surface.

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