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What’s the Difference Between Bobtailing and Deadheading?

Understanding Potential Truck Dangers

“Bobtail” and “deadhead” trucks may be terms you’re not familiar with. However, you probably drive next to them every day. A bobtailing truck is one that is operating without a trailer. A truck is deadheading when it’s traveling without freight in its trailer. While it’s a common way for trucks to travel, some dangers come along with each of these types of trucking scenarios. Here’s what you need to know.

The Dangers of Bobtailing

Sometimes, bobtailing is necessary if truckers are dropping off a trailer load or on their way to pick up a trailer. However, knowing how to handle a bobtail truck can be tricky. Even though a bobtail truck might be without a bulky pull, it can be more dangerous to other drivers on the road, and here’s why:

When a truck is bobtailing, most of the weight is on the front wheels. The front wheels are designed for steering, not braking a truck, and can increase the risk of skidding when coming up on tight curves and sudden turns. Since semi-trucks are designed to carry heavy trailers, most of the braking power is in the rear axle located under the trailer so having little weight over the rear axle reduces braking power. When unable to brake properly, a severe accident can occur.

The Dangers of Deadheading

You may think a truck driving without cargo in its trailer poses no safety concerns. However, some dangers need to be considered. According to an article published by, large trucks driving with an empty load are two and a half times more likely to crash than those carrying freight. Trucking deadhead also increases the likelihood of a rollover accident because high winds can flip an empty truck trailer. When it comes to handling a deadhead truck and its lack of weight distribution, a less experienced trucker may have a hard time controlling the rig. Experience is significant when it comes to trucking, and a lack of skill or training can increase the risk of a severe truck crash.

Holding Negligent Truck Drivers Accountable for Your Injuries

Serious injuries need strong attorneys. Truck crashes happen on U.S. roads every day, leaving many individuals to deal with physical, emotional, and financial hardships due to their injuries. We’re ready to hold negligent truck drivers accountable for their careless acts. Taking legal action is a necessary component of recovering compensation for your injuries and losses, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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