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    • Meet Thomas Strong

      Thomas Strong talks about how growing up underprivileged inspired him to fight for others.

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    • Meet Steven Garner

      Steve Garner, reflecting on his childhood, recounts his family's overwhelming experience trying to fight a big insurance ...

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    • Meet Jeff Bauer

      Jeff Bauer talks about his competitive nature during his youth, which eventually fostered a desire to become a lawyer ...

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    • Meet Neil Chanter

      Neil Chanter discusses the level of commitment and dedication the team has to each client.

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    • Meet Chandler Gregg

      Chandler Gregg always dreamed of being a lawyer and now handles each case with the attention it deserves, understanding ...

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    • Meet Nick Smart

      Nick Smart left the public accounting field to go to law school, where he expected to get involved in tax law, but found ...

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